Tuesday 26 February 2013

Speech competition update

Persuasive essay


Speech Competition Selections

Dear Parents,
I hope all is well and everyone is good health.  We are looking forward to this year’s speech competition. Throughout grade 4-8, the students have worked very hard. They have given us their 100% and we all wish we could select more than three students from each class. We are very pleased with all the effort everyone made. A pat in the back is well deserved.

Although students had a tight schedule to work with, they were given an outline guiding the structure of the speech. This outline explained how to write:

1. Outline of the Essay:

·         Introduction – which included attention grabber, thesis, and qualifications

·         Body- reasons (telling listeners why they should act or think the way they are suggestions, the students were asked to convince the audience in their body through finding evidence to support their reasons.) throughout the body, students were asked to have a smooth transition from one paragraph onto the next one and this emphasis was made throughout presentation and while editing student works.

·         Conclusion- summary, memorable ending and thanking the audience for listening.


2. The grading rubric covered the following areas:

·         Introduction grabs readers attention ( scale 1-4) 1 = low and 4= high

·         Thesis presents issues and writers point of view

·         Reasons are in order of importance

·         Evidence supports each reason for opinion and reflects a consistent point of view

·         Body elaborates upon reasons and evidence

·         Readers concerns or counter-arguments are addressed

·         Transitional words and phrases, parallel structure, and repetition create coherence

·         Conclusion: restates opinion, summarize reasons, and /or includes a call to action.

Both the outline and rubric were given to students beforehand.  Students were graded based on criteria 1 and 2.

We hope this clarifies any confusion regarding the selection of the finalists.
Tr. Merve