Thursday 31 January 2013

Language- sea animal project update

Dear Parents,
As you know, we have so far created an advertisement, researched about different types of sea animal in computer lab, used science lab to create the 3-d model of sea animal. We are in the process of presenting the projects. The presentation is based on:

1.       Organization skill: if the project is well organized, flows smoothly from one idea into the other.

2.       Content Accuracy: if the given information is related to their topic or not. If it’s mostly accurate etc.

3.       Research:  How they were able to research for information used useful materials to explain about their project. Too extra time outside of computer time to research and bring in more information to help finalize the project.

4.       Creativity: How the project is put together and how the group presents the project.

The second Rubric is based on their Research Process:

1.       Research questions: wrote well worded- specific questions to help with the topic

2.       Selection of sources: used variety of sources such as books, articles etc.

3.       Note taking& keywords: brainstorm keywords, categories and gather relevant information

4.       Organization and Synthesis: used appropriate structure and creatively communicated research findings.

The final component of the project is a 2 page report on their finding of their sea animals.

Sea animal Report

-          Title page

o   Title page should include:

§  Name of the sea animal

§  Students name

§  Teacher name

§  Date

-          2 pages

-          Double space

-          All the resources included on a separate page and attached to the report.

-          Individual (not in groups) each group member is to hand in their own report with their own written word.  ( not copied off of each other) The information they found as a group is to be taken individually and used to write a report of their own in their own words.
       -  Students are to use the information they gathered which is on their poster now. They are
            to use the information and write a report about it. If they need additional
           information or guidance, I have provided some questions that can help them
           They are just examples.
1. What is lobster?

2.       Where do lobster live?

3.       In what colors lobster come in?

4.       How is a lobster body like?

5.       What do they eat?

6.       Why they turn red when they are cooked etc.

-          These are some questions students can use as a guideline to help write the report. 

I will send the rubric home for the report. J

DUE: MONDAY February 4, 2013

Thank you,

Tr. Merve



Tuesday 29 January 2013

Math and Science


Alsalamo alikom dear Parents.

For Math

We finished today with Chapter 10 and tomorrow inshallah we will revise the whole chapter

students will have their math test on friday Feb1 in ch.10 lessona (2,3,4,6,7,8)

For science

we started Unit 3 and its all about Matter

·         students will be able to investigate the three states of matter and how matter can change states

·         students will be able to investigate the enviromental effects of our use of the properties of materials

·         students will be able to explore the physical and chemical changes


Jazakom Allah khairan.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Islamic Studies

Dear Parents,

A quick update on Islamic studies.

We have been talking about Surah-ul-Mulk. We have discussed the beautiful creation of Allah. Next week we will  continueswith Lesson 2 of surah-ul-Mulk. We will discuss Yakhshoun, Al-Ghayb, and Ajr.

Here is the writing assignment from lesson 1 that is due on monday:

Chapter 5:  Process Writing
Find a picture of one of Allah’s creations that is your favorite and that you are most thankful for. Write two paragraphs about why this creation is your favorite and what amazes you about it. List the reasons why recognizing the beauty of the creation you have chosen helps you remember and worship him better.
The assignment is to be hand written and not typed.
DUE: Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Wednesday 23 January 2013

language- project presentation

January 2013

Sea Animals Presentation dates


Feb 1
1.Yomn + Aminah
2. Samrah + Fatima
3. Doha
4. Abdullah + Mahad
1.Aya + Sumayya
2. Misbah + Aysha
3. Sama’a + Kewther
4. Zainah + Amira
1.Maryam + Hana
2. Shaafi + Ahmed
3. Saad + hosein
1.Hafsa + Sara
2. Adel + Mohammad
3. Somaya  + Naima


Get these printable calendars for any dates you need with Full Access.  

Language update

Dear Parents,

A quick update on what we have been doing for the past two weeks. As you know, we are reading the Cay. In the book, we read a a lot of about different types of sea animals. As a project, we have created an Ad for our in class sea animal show that will be held during language periods. Students have created their ads and it has been posted all around the classroom. It was a success! They look beautiful.
The next few days will be dedicated to going to the computer lab to gather information on their choice of sea animal. As well as, we will spend few classes in the science lab to create the 3-D model. I'm looking forward to seeing how they will turn out. They have come up with some great idea. :)

The project is due on Monday, January 28, 2013

Students will present throughout the week. I will post the dates of the groups as well. :)

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Monday 21 January 2013

Read- A-Thon Kickoff


Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum


Tomorrow is the Multiple Sclerosis Read-A-Thon kickoff!


The assembly will take place in the gym from 9:00 to 9:30.  Please visit for more information on this very important event.


Jazakum Allahu Khairan.



Wednesday 16 January 2013

Health assignment

Dear Parents,

As a new Unit, we have starting talking about healthy habits. We watched a video last week about different ways of being healty and avoid getting sick etc.

This week are going to work on a project that gets students to create their own book with illustration of 'how to do activity.

Here is the outline of the project:

They are to work in pairs.

Do you remember when you learned to kick a ball? Or hop onone foot? Or dribble a basketball? Even though these skills may be easy for you now, they werent always a piece of cake? Now that your are a motor skill master, you can help out some little kids who write and illustrate a book for young kids that shows the steps of mastering the skill. Be sure to break the skill down into simple steps with clear illustrations that little kids will be able to follow. Don't forget to emphasize how much fun it is to use the skill once you have learned it.

We will work on it in class next week - Wednesday January 23, 2013

The due date of the proejct is : Wednesday January 30, 2013

Language project

Dear parents,

Hope all is well and everyone in good health. As you know, we have been reading the Cay as a class. Part of the reading, we have come across several sea animals.  I have put together a project for the grade 5's to work on during the next two weeks.

Students had the opportunity to pair with the person they would like to work with today. This is a group project.  The groups will select the sea animals they would like to work with on Thursday January 17, 2013.  Here is the outline of the assignment.

Event:  All about Sea Animals


When:          Monday January 28, 2013                                                       Grade:         5

                         Tuesday January 29, 2013                                                      Teacher:      Merve


As we have been reading the ‘The Cay’ we have come across many beautiful sea animals.  At the Abraar School we are having a sea animal show ( in our classroom). Before the show, we need to create an advertisement for the awareness.   The show will be on January 28 – 29 in our classroom.

Outline of the project:

1.      Create an advertisement for your choice of sea animal from the list provided.

-          How you want to advertise the sea animal is left up to you. (I’m sure you will come up with a great advertisement).

2.      Written part: 2 page information on the chosen sea animal

3.      Art:  3-D model of the sea animal of your choice

-          It is up to you to how you would like to present the model. I leave it up your imagination to make the 3-D model sea animal of your choice. (I’m looking forward to seeing your great work!!)

4.      The written part and the 3-D model can be presented together. It can be on a poster, bristle board. I leave it up to you. I like surprises so surprise me!!

5.      The advertisement should be on its own paper. 

Sea Animals:

Brain Coral            Fan Coral         Flying Fish       Lobster                        Mussel

Pompano   Parrot Fish       Octopus           Organpipe Coral

Sea Urchin Scallop             Scorpion          Shark               Sponge

DUE: January 28, 2013


January 15, 2013.

Dear parents and guardians,

Assalamu Allikum

This is a reminder of the deadline for participating in the Abraar Fourth Annual Quran Competition which is approaching soon Insha Allah (31st January 2013).


Also, for the students who have submitted registration slips for the competition, please be advised that the first round of the competition will start at the beginning of February and will last until the beginning of March, so be prepared for this round according to the following dates:


Week 1 (Feb. 4 to Feb.8 )                  JK, SK and Grade 1.

Week 2 (Feb.11. to Feb. 14)              Grades 2 and 3.

Week 3 (Feb. Feb. 22)              Grades 4 and 5 .

Week 4 (Feb. 25. to Mar.1)               Grades 6, 7 and 8.


Lastly, Jazakum Allah Khairan to the parents who made contributions towards the Quran
competition and we are still waiting for your generous donations as we are about $1500 away from our target.


Wassalamu Allikum


Samia Tarbah

Quran Teacher