Wednesday 16 January 2013

Language project

Dear parents,

Hope all is well and everyone in good health. As you know, we have been reading the Cay as a class. Part of the reading, we have come across several sea animals.  I have put together a project for the grade 5's to work on during the next two weeks.

Students had the opportunity to pair with the person they would like to work with today. This is a group project.  The groups will select the sea animals they would like to work with on Thursday January 17, 2013.  Here is the outline of the assignment.

Event:  All about Sea Animals


When:          Monday January 28, 2013                                                       Grade:         5

                         Tuesday January 29, 2013                                                      Teacher:      Merve


As we have been reading the ‘The Cay’ we have come across many beautiful sea animals.  At the Abraar School we are having a sea animal show ( in our classroom). Before the show, we need to create an advertisement for the awareness.   The show will be on January 28 – 29 in our classroom.

Outline of the project:

1.      Create an advertisement for your choice of sea animal from the list provided.

-          How you want to advertise the sea animal is left up to you. (I’m sure you will come up with a great advertisement).

2.      Written part: 2 page information on the chosen sea animal

3.      Art:  3-D model of the sea animal of your choice

-          It is up to you to how you would like to present the model. I leave it up your imagination to make the 3-D model sea animal of your choice. (I’m looking forward to seeing your great work!!)

4.      The written part and the 3-D model can be presented together. It can be on a poster, bristle board. I leave it up to you. I like surprises so surprise me!!

5.      The advertisement should be on its own paper. 

Sea Animals:

Brain Coral            Fan Coral         Flying Fish       Lobster                        Mussel

Pompano   Parrot Fish       Octopus           Organpipe Coral

Sea Urchin Scallop             Scorpion          Shark               Sponge

DUE: January 28, 2013