Thursday 31 January 2013

Language- sea animal project update

Dear Parents,
As you know, we have so far created an advertisement, researched about different types of sea animal in computer lab, used science lab to create the 3-d model of sea animal. We are in the process of presenting the projects. The presentation is based on:

1.       Organization skill: if the project is well organized, flows smoothly from one idea into the other.

2.       Content Accuracy: if the given information is related to their topic or not. If it’s mostly accurate etc.

3.       Research:  How they were able to research for information used useful materials to explain about their project. Too extra time outside of computer time to research and bring in more information to help finalize the project.

4.       Creativity: How the project is put together and how the group presents the project.

The second Rubric is based on their Research Process:

1.       Research questions: wrote well worded- specific questions to help with the topic

2.       Selection of sources: used variety of sources such as books, articles etc.

3.       Note taking& keywords: brainstorm keywords, categories and gather relevant information

4.       Organization and Synthesis: used appropriate structure and creatively communicated research findings.

The final component of the project is a 2 page report on their finding of their sea animals.

Sea animal Report

-          Title page

o   Title page should include:

§  Name of the sea animal

§  Students name

§  Teacher name

§  Date

-          2 pages

-          Double space

-          All the resources included on a separate page and attached to the report.

-          Individual (not in groups) each group member is to hand in their own report with their own written word.  ( not copied off of each other) The information they found as a group is to be taken individually and used to write a report of their own in their own words.
       -  Students are to use the information they gathered which is on their poster now. They are
            to use the information and write a report about it. If they need additional
           information or guidance, I have provided some questions that can help them
           They are just examples.
1. What is lobster?

2.       Where do lobster live?

3.       In what colors lobster come in?

4.       How is a lobster body like?

5.       What do they eat?

6.       Why they turn red when they are cooked etc.

-          These are some questions students can use as a guideline to help write the report. 

I will send the rubric home for the report. J

DUE: MONDAY February 4, 2013

Thank you,

Tr. Merve