Friday 24 February 2017

LA Test - Mar. 7th

Novel Study Test - Tuesday, March 7

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

The Novel Study Unit test on Ultra will be on Tuesday, March 7.  Students are expected to have read the entire novel and study from the comprehension questions and in-class notes to prepare for the test.

Jazakum Allahu khairan,
Tr. Salma

Language Arts Project

Movie Poster for Ultra

Project Description:  Imagine that David Carroll’s novel, Ultra, is being made into a movie.  Create a movie poster that advertises the upcoming movie
Project Requirements:
qMust be created on a large paper (provided)
qTitle must be in large writing and should stand out on your movie poster.
qYour name should appear on the poster as either the director or producer.
qA major illustration or collage should be the focus of your poster.  It should give a good idea of the theme of the novel.
qThe main character of the novel will be the cast in your movie.  Choose a famous movie star or television star that you know of and “cast” them in the main character role for your movie.  The other characters/stars of your movie can also be named on your poster.
qThe movie poster must have a slogan or catch phrase that represents the mood or theme of the novel (e.g. “In a galaxy far, far away” – Star Wars)
qA rating of the novel must be on the poster. (G or PG and a "Star" rating)

Have fun!  I am looking forward to seeing some creative results!

Tr. Salma

Science Project

Science Project
Human Body System
Due Monday, Mar 6
First Check: Monday, Feb 27

Design and construct a 3D model of a human body system. Please follow the guidelines listed below:
  • The model should be no less than the size of a large cereal box, but also at a reasonable size and weight. Something you can easily carry to school.
  • Use any kind of material to make your model: wood, clay, wires, balloons, plastic, fabric, cardboard, pipes, etc. The only material not allowed is glass and sharp dangerous parts.
  • Show all the organs clearly.
  • Label the different parts of your model clearly.
  • Attach a short explanation to your model (typed or neatly hand written) describing how the system works and what its main function is.
  • Your model should be able to stand by itself on a flat surface. This is important for the display during the Science Gallery.
  • First Check is on Monday, February 27th  and is marked. Please show me that you have started working on your project by providing one of the following:

- a colored sketch/drawing of your model on your Journal
- a draft of your short description on your Journal
- a list of the materials needed for your model, on your Journal
- email me a picture of yourself working on your model

Enjoy Your Time!

Islamic Studies Quiz - Monday

AA Dear Parents, 

Grade 5 students have Quiz #1 for Islamic Studies on Monday, February 27th, 2017

Unit C: Muslims Under Siege: 
        ·     Chapter 1 - Searching for the Truth: The Journey of Salman Al-Farisi 
        ·     Chapter 2 - All Arabia Attacked Madinah 
        ·      Chapter 3 -    Muslims Under Siege: The Battle of Al-Khandaq 

Study Text Book from (C2 - C25), and Workbook (page 51). Plus, Class notes and summery.  

Best of Luck!

Monday 20 February 2017

Math Quiz - Thursday

Measurement Quiz: Thursday, Feb.  23
  • Converting m to cm  and cm to m
  • Converting km to m  and m to km
  • Converting cm to mm  and mm to cm
  • Word problem including conversion
  • choose appropriate metric unit for measuring different things

Tuesday 14 February 2017

LA Assignment due Thursday, Feb 16

News Article Assignment for LA

Students must submit their News Articles on Thursday, February 16.  The article must include the "5W's" and the "H"
and provide a fictional account of a runner who received a DNF (Did not finish) for a type of race.  This article is based on Mile 38 of our novel study on the book Ultraby David Carroll.  

Friday 3 February 2017

Science Quiz - Tuesday

Science Quiz

  • Tuesday, February 7th
  • Respiratory System
  • Study worksheets p. 2, 3, 4, 55, 56, 57, 61
  • Study text book p. 12, 13, 14, 15