Monday 11 February 2013

Social St Project



1.       Your assignment is to design a game to be played by other students that will allow them to successfully learn about our Canadian Government.

2.       In group of four, you will organize your research material into a board game. Suggested formats include:

a.       Jeopardy,

b.      Trivia

c.       Pursuit

d.      Monopology

e.      Snakes and ladders

f.        others

3.       Your group will research the structure and function of the Canadian government. The following topics must be covered:

a.       Level of government: Federal, Provincial, Municipal

b.      Branches of Government: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary

c.       House of Commons and Senate

d.      Canadian Executive Office – the Governor General and Minister

e.      Steps taken for a bill to become a law.

4.       Each of the above topics (1-4) must have a minimum of 6-8 questions (you can use cue cards) for a total of 30 – 40 questions for your game. Design cards with questions on one side and answers on the other.

5.       Be sure to include all necessary pieces, colors to make it interesting and ensure that your group test the games prior to the game fair. (Possible pieces include: labeled board game, task cards, dice, timer, different player pieces etc).

6.       Include symbols, graphics, and logos on your card. Make them colorful. Mount them on hard paper so they will be durable. Laminate it if possible.

7.       This game is to be as realistic as possible and therefore must also have a set of detailed TYPED INSTRUCTIONS and should describe how your game meets all required components of a successfully marketed board game.

There will be class time/ computer time to work on your board game.  Any material needed for the project, must be brought to class in order to work on the board game.  You will have four periods to use towards the project, use them wisely.