Thursday 16 April 2015

Updates - Math Test and Project

Assalamu Alaikom Dear Parents and Students.

Tomorrow, Friday inshaAllah, we will be concluding Chapter 10  (Dividing Decimals) and we will have our Chapter Test this coming Tuesday, April 21st. Please review Lessons: 2, 3, 4, and 7. 
On this test, I will also include a few questions from Chapter 5 (Measuring Length and Time) as students did not do well on the test for this chapter. So, this is a chance for them to improve their mark inshaAllah. Please review the test itself and/or Lessons: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, and circumference of circle (from notebook).

We're well on our way with the new unit "Force Factor" and we covered some of the major concepts: forces, structures, and machines. Today, the students had loads of fun trying to design a structure that supports their Math textbook using only a single sheet of paper and 30 cm of tape! Ask them how they did it!
Thank you to the parents who sent in some simple machines to school, but we still need more: screw driver, pliers, small toy car, egg beater, toy with a pulley, etc... We will send them back home at the end of the unit.

Project (New Product) 
The due date has been postponed to next Friday, April 24th. The students are allowed to take their boxes home for the weekend, but have to be careful not to crush it in their bags!!
To sum up:
The students were asked to design an edible new product that enhances one of the body functions, ex: stronger bones, smarter brain, bigger muscles, or even whiter teeth. They could exaggerate a little bit like designing tea that grows your hair one inch a day! The important thing is to do some research and find the special ingredient or ingredients that are doing the "magic", and include these in the ingredients on the box.
They are supposed to design the box that holds their product. Of course the box is empty! They should include everything that a regular packaging has: Brand name, product name, pictures, mass or volume, ingredients, nutrition facts table, bar code, and any other information like peanut warning or address of the company. They could even include a riddle or a game on the box if there is space for that. 
The students are also supposed to write a short marketing text to go with their box. It should include a brief explanation about their product, like an ad for example. What would they say to encourage people to buy their product? A slogan should be included, ex: "Eat this gum, and you'll never be dumb!" Examples were shown in class.
This text should be typed and printed out at home before Thursday as the students will glue this on a piece of bristol board at school. 

Jazakumullahu khairan for your support.