Sunday 19 October 2014

October Updates

Assalam Alaikom Dear Parents and Students.
Here are our updates for this month.

Math: We are working on reading, writing, renaming, comparing and rounding 5 digit numbers.
This week we'll work on decimals and then conclude this unit by counting money.

Science: We are still working on the unit of "Matter", The students submitted their projects last week and we are having fun testing their insulated containers in class. This week we will discuss the three states of matter and the changes of states.

Islamic Studies: Ninety Nine Names, One Creator. Students should start preparing for their first IS project. Represent the ninety nine names of Allah in a creative artistic way.

Art: This week we will complete two projects in class: tissue box owls and hanger mobiles. Please remember to bring an empty tissue box and a hanger if you still haven't done so.

Gym: Girls, get ready to be evaluated this week. Remember, the skills we are looking at are: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, long jump and high jump.

Remember to read daily and sign you agenda.