Tuesday 18 April 2017

Science Project

Science/Art Project
Insulated Cup
Due Monday, April 24th

Design a cup that would keep a drink hot for a long period of time. Please follow the guidelines listed below:
  • Use only the cup provided by your teacher. If you lose it or break it, you will be responsible for replacing it. The teacher cannot provide you with another cup.
  • Use any kind of insulating material on the outside of your cup. The only materials not allowed are glass and sharp dangerous parts.
  • Decorate your cup to make it look pleasant but also practical to use. You will be marked for the artwork.
  • The insulating layer and any decorations on your cup should not exceed a thickness of 2cm.
The Ultimate Competition

During the week of April 24th, the cups will be tested in class for being good insulating cups. Points will be given based on the time they held a hot drink. Any student who has used a cup different than the one provided to the rest of the class, will not enter the competition because the test then would not be a ”Fair Test”.

Have Fun Experimenting :))))

Enjoy Your Time!