Thursday 25 February 2016

Updates - Science Quiz Monday

The grade 5 students will have a very short quiz this coming Monday, February 29 inshaAllah.
Students should review worksheets pages 40 and 41.

We will have a Math test on Thursday, March 3rd in Chapter 5.

Islamic Studies
Grade 5 have been reviewing the story of Salman Al Farisi to add to their knowledge of the companion from the battle of the trench (Al Khandaq).

Social Studies
The class has been learning about the Early-European explorers of Canada. The class then took a closer look at the interactions between the French fur traders & Jesuit missionaries of New France (Quebec), the Algonquin tribes (e.g. First Nations people of Huronia), and the Iroquois.

Quran Homework ayas 33 - 39  from Surat Al Qalam.

Test next week on Thursday, March 3rd inshallah.