Friday 4 December 2015


Assalamu Alaikom Dear Students/Parents


InshaaAllah Grade 5 students will have their Math Test on chapter 4 next Tuesday Dec. 8th, 2015.

Science Presentation
  • Students have been assigned a disease with a partner. 
  • They are expected to speak to their class about this disease for 3 minutes (about 1.5 minute per student) on Tuesday, December 8th. 
  • Each student was assigned two areas to speak about : either causes and treatment, or symptoms and interesting facts.
  • Students are encouraged not to read off a paper, but rather to understand their topic and speak about it.
  • Cue cards can be used.
  • No need to submit a paper or poster to the teacher. Marks will be given on the oral presentation only.
  • Students can use pictures, but they don't have to.
  • Marks will be given to individual students and not to the group (i.e. if your partner does not do a good job, this doesn't affect your mark).