Sunday 8 November 2015

Science Project - Due Nov 23

Science Project

Human Body System
Due Monday, Nov 23
First Check: Week of Nov 16

Design a 3D model of a human body system. Please follow the guidelines listed below:
     The model should be no less than the size of a large cereal box.
     Use any kind of material to make your model: wood, clay, wires, balloons, plastic, fabric, cardboard, etc. The only material not allowed is glass and sharp dangerous parts.
     Show all the organs clearly.
     Label the different parts of your model clearly.
     Attach a short explanation to your model (typed or neatly hand written) describing how the system works and what its major function is.
     Your model should be able to stand by itself on a flat surface. This is important for the display during the Science Gallery in December.
     First check is during the week of November 16-20 and is graded. Please show me that you have started working on your project by providing one of the following:
                                    - a colored sketch/drawing of your model on your Journal
                                    - a draft of your short description on your Journal
                                    - a list of the materials needed for your model
                                    - email me a picture of yourself working on your model

Enjoy Your Time!