Friday 30 October 2015

Weekly Updates

Assalamu Alaikom Dear Parents and Students.

NOVEMBER CHARACTER TRAIT: Cleanliness (Taharah) - this weekend is a great opportunity to start talking to your children about the shared responsibility we have for keeping our places of work/leisure clean and organised in shaa Allah.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students will be drawing the election campaigns to a close and will be voting in our Grade 5 Government/Prime Minister. In a few weeks we will also be travelling to Parliament to learn more about how/where Canada's laws are created at the highest levels of government.

ISLAMIC STUDIES: We will be learning about some of the Prophets of Islam (Musa/ Hud), and Muslim Fashion before we take a more in-depth look at Prayer in Islam.

Math Updates
InshaaAllah grade 5 will have their Math test on Friday, November 6th in Chapter 2.

Science Updates:
We are still working on the Circulatory System and next week we have an interesting activity to understand how blood moves in our body.

Grade 5 students are participating in the 2015 Polar Expressions Writing Contest.  Students are asked to submit their short stories for the contest by November 17. The stories must be a maximum of 450 words in length.

Quraan Updates:
For 5A, nshallah their Quraan test is not on Wednesday. It will be on Thursday.

Arabic Speakers: Exercise #2

Math: TenMarks Assignment due Tuesday
- Finish Math booklet
- Chapter 2 Test Friday Nov 6