Tuesday 30 April 2013

Art Project

Dear Parents,

Date of Art project: Friday May 3, 2013

Hope all is well and everyone in good health. This Friday, the class will be creating individual bowls made out of yarn. I have asked students to bring in yarn throughout the week. Few students have brought some in including myself. If we can have more yarn provided, that would be greatly appreciate. We will require quite bit of yarn for this project.

Also, If you can provide with your child small plastic bowl on Friday. The bowl will be returned home. It is to be used to create the yarn bowl.

Here is the link to the project if you like to see how the yarm bowls will be made.

Please provide the following with your child:

1. yarn ( anything will do)
2. Small plastic bowl ( ice cream bowl, cereal bowl etc. )
3. Liquid glue
4. Plastic wrap

Thank you,

Tr. Merve