Friday 1 March 2013

Language : Book Report

Dear Parents,

We have read the book ' The Cay'. Now it is time to write a book report. I will handout the outline of the Report Inshallah Monday. Here is the outline of the book report:

1. Book report Title Page
  • title of the book cented on teh first line
  • book title underlined
2. Background information
  • title of the book
  • author
  • publisher
  • literacy style ( family, adventure, msytery, fantasy, etc)
3. Paragraph one: Main character Description
  • name of the main character
  • physical description (what does he/she looks like?)
  • personality ( what kind of person is he/she? Shy? Mean? Weird? etc explain)
  • Behaviour (How does he/she act in the story? What does he/she do in the story that tell you what kind of person he/she is? What does he/she like to do?)
4. Paragraph two: Setting
  • describe where and when the story takes place. Use calender and seasonal time. For place, be specific on the country or state as well as region and the type of dwelling (house, apartment, school , etc.)
5. Parapraph three to five: plot description
  • paragraph three should include information from the beginning ( How does the story begin? What is the problem or conflict?)
  • Paragraph four should include information from the end of the story 9 hoe does the story end? Does the main character solve the problem or conflict? If so, how?)
  • NOTE: The paragraphs summarize the plot but do not retell the entire story.
6. Paragraph 6: Opinion
  • Did you like the book? Why? Support your opinion. Was the book exciting, funny, interesting , boring, etc?
  • Would you recommend the book? To whom, and why?
  • Rate the book on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten is excellent. Describe your reasons for the rating.
7. Paragraph seven: Theme
  • What did you learn from the book? Lesson, moral, etc. Please identify and write about at least 3 themes.
Writing the report:
1. Always write a rough first draft. Follow the outline carefully. Be sure to include each part of every paragraph. Prooread your dirst draft. Check for accuracy, and for grammatical or spelling errors.
2. Make a title page
3. Illustrate a book cover. Make this page the cover of your reprot (right in front of the title page).
4. Collate the pages so they are in proper order and put the report in a folder/report cover.

Thank you,

Tr. Merve