Monday 10 December 2012

science project

Alsalamo Alikom Dear Parents
Students will have inshAllah their science Project for the "Force Factor" unit.
The Project will consist of 3 parts:
First Part:  Students have to create a brochure to introduce the 6 Simple Machines in a creative, attractive and organized way.
•          The brochure must include the names of the Simple machines, their functions; give examples (using names and pictures) of daily used machines that are        made up of one or more of the simple machines.
•          Explain how these simple machines make life easier.
•          Students have to follow the rubric to create the brochure.
Second part: Students have to invent a compound machine that is made up of two or more simple machines that they can use it as a toy or as a useful machine that can help to make any task easier for them (they can use parts of a broken toy, they can make a sample of any 2 simple machines and fix them together or they can just draw a compound machine and explain how their machine is made up of different kinds of simple machines.
Either inventing or drawing, students have to explain the parts of their machine, how it is useful for them, name the parts of simple machines they used, and they have to give a name for their machine.
Students have to follow the rubric.
Third part:  Students have to present their brochure followed by presenting the machine that they have created.
Students have to follow the presentation rubric.
Due date: After the Winter Vacation (07 Jan. 2012) all students must be ready with their:
•          Brochure
•          Their own machine
•          Their Presentation
•          Having all the rubrics with them.
The expectations of this project according to Bloom Taxonomy are:
Students will be able to: list, describe, explain, interpret, write, show, illustrate, advertise, plan, construct, design, examine, choose, verify, and create.
JazakomAllah Khairan.